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Founding Member of the T.E.A. Party Alliance
  • Rick Santelli Feb 19th, 2009 RantFeb 19, 2009 Rick Santelli captures the mood of the country which sparks the birth of the TEA Party!
  • March 7th 2009 March 7th 2009 …. Green Bay Wisconsin has it’s first TEA Party Rally Lead by Conservative Morning Talk Show Host Jerry Bader. The Rally took place at Title Town Brewing Company next to Leicht Park.
  • TPP (Tea Party Patriots) TPP (Tea Party Patriots) came to Green Bay Wisconsin to spend a day with the Green Bay TEA Party to film a single day in our life for their Nov. 2012 Election series.
  • NRA: FLICKR LINKTPP (Tea Party Patriots) came to Green Bay Wisconsin to spend a day with the Green Bay TEA Party to film a single day in our life for their Nov. 2012 Election series.
  • TPP (Tea Party Patriots) TPP (Tea Party Patriots) came to Green Bay Wisconsin to spend a day with the Green Bay TEA Party to film a single day in our life for their Nov. 2012 Election series. Ground Game 2012 Election Coverage:
  • Activist TrainingThe Green Bay TEA Party provides instructor resources and training materials to empower local patriots and conservative groups.
  • Alan KeyesGreen Bay TEA Party members were privileged to be able to support and speak with Alan Keyes during a local appearance.
  • VOICES of Conservative WomenThe Green Bay TEA Party supports VOICES of Conservative Women here in Wisconsin. VOICES supporters believe that, working together, we can make a difference with each conservative woman we help place in elected office.
  • Congressional InputThe Green Bay TEA Party is very actively involved regarding dialog between our Elected Congressman and the TEA Party. Members shown with Congressman Reid Ribble 8th Dist.
  • Media AccountabilityThe Green Bay TEA Party is instrumental in coordinating mutually supported protests and events in partnership with Wisconsins Media Research Center.
  • National Speaker Curtis Bowers speakers National Speaker Curtis Bowers of AGENDA ~ Grinding America Down ~ The Green Bay TEA Party is Partnered with Curtis Bowers with reliance upon our memberships patronage therebye allowing us to provide Agenda ~ Grinding America Down ~ DVD’s to those groups and individuals whom can put best use to this resource. Note: The DVD is Available upon request!
  • Our Current President Otto Junkermann w/candidate Eric HovdeThe Green Bay TEA Party always tries to back the best candidate for the job! Too Bad the Wisconsin Republican Party had other ideas. There’s a good Chance Eric would have beat Tammy Baldwin.
  • Green Bay TEA Party President Otto JunkermannGreen Bay TEA Party President Otto Junkermann at TP Express Event Otto Junkermann (born Feb 7, 1929) is an American businessman from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a former Republican member of the Wisconsin Assembly from the Sixth District (parts of Brown County).
  • Print Media AccountabilityThe Green Bay TEA Party is very serious about working with boots-in-the-ground conservatives that wish to make a difference in their community!
  • Ricksantorum  Pres. Candidate Rick SantorumPres. Candidate Rick Santorum with Senior TEA Party Advisor James Murphy I am very excited about the possibilities for what we can continue to accomplish together and I am not backing down from the fight for our conservative ideals. Rick Santorum
  • Rep. Andre’ Jacque and State Sen. Glenn GrothmanRep. andre’ Jacque and State Sen. Glenn Grothman Rep. Jacque and Sen. Grothman pose with the Green Bay TEA Party volunteers!
  • TEA Party Express EventsThe Green Bay TEA Party Co-Sponsor of TEA Party Express Event in DePere Wisconsin the Green Bay TEA Party continues to stay in contact and coordinate national support for good TEA Party Conservative Candidates for public office.
  • Tom DeWeese Event!The Green Bay TEA Party is partnered with several organizations that are sounding the alarm about the Social Justice crowds infiltration of Wisconsin Churches.
  • Major Speakers The Green Bay TEA Party continues to Co-Sponsor Major Speakers and Events in Northeastern Wisconsin. Please donate to our efforts to inform and educate new citizens.
  • We All Can Make A Difference!20. We all make Green Bay TEA Party Members receive National Recognition for their efforts. The Green Bay TEA Party membership has received National as well as local recognition for our efforts regarding Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, and to restore a Constitutionally Limited Government.
  • First to protest Media Bias The Green Bay TEA Party was the first to protest Media Bias and defend the Faith. The Green Bay TEA Party was instrumental in the forming of several Media Watch-Dog Groups.
Rick Santelli Feb 19th, 2009 Rant1 March 7th 2009 2 TPP (Tea Party Patriots) 3 NRA: FLICKR LINK4 TPP (Tea Party Patriots) 5 Activist Training6 Alan Keyes7 VOICES of Conservative Women8 Congressional Input9 Media Accountability10 National Speaker Curtis Bowers 11 Our Current President Otto Junkermann w/candidate Eric Hovde12 Green Bay TEA Party President Otto Junkermann13 Print Media Accountability14 Ricksantorum  Pres. Candidate Rick Santorum15 Rep. Andre’ Jacque and State Sen. Glenn Grothman16 TEA Party Express Events17 Tom DeWeese Event!18 Major Speakers 19 We All Can Make A Difference!20 First to protest Media Bias 21

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The Green Bay T.E.A. Party will no longer be participating in FAKEBOOK.
While we have met a few wonderful and sincerely supportive people online the time involved in dealing with our online presence can no longer be justified based on the results VS the time spent online.
We understand that many of you have what can only be referred to as “good intentions” .
There is a famous quote regarding good intentions that we are sure you are all aware of.

We also no longer wish to contribute to the revenue generated by our presence on fakebook by billionaire
mark Zuckerberg who started fakebook so that he may meet with and abuse young women while in college.  He is clearly NOT someone we wish to further enrich. 
Mr. Zuckerebergl and his social media experiment called facebook are the enemies of groups such as ours.  We all need to recognize this and respond accordingly.
We, therefore, have removed the Green Bay TEA Party from facebook aka fakebook.
We urge you to support us directly at
We are a 501 (c)4 nonprofit which means your information and contribution is shielded from all government and federal agencies.  We are also a registered Charitable Organization here in Wisconsin holding License # 13876-800. Note: Currently the bulk of our recpts (minus a few operating costs) are being directed towards the support of C.U.T. Wisconsin and that Ministry.


Pastor Dan Fisher - Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment

Black Robed Regiment Statement

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  I just recently posted this in response to the statement
 that there is no difference between the political parties.

You are Correct about there being no difference between the Democrats and Republicans anymore. 
Our so-called.. “Representatives” answer only to “K” Street and Lobbyists.  It’s all about the Money and them getting “theirs”…
Truth / Fact….There hasn't been any difference for some time.
Note: This was the theme of Peter Schwiezers book
Peter S.
titled EXTORTION /  
How 1.Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets.
                                                                             1.Our own District 8 Congressman Reid Ribble was even mentioned in this book.
Locally Many Republicans... even some Wisconsin (Young Republicans) have come to realize this!

Our own Appleton Wisconsin Young Republican SuperStar
recently posted his reasons for backing out of GOP polictics.
Please read former young republicans group leader Benji Backers Statement
about Politics and his experiences at CPAC.
It’s posted on his blog!

Then there millions of Christians whom left the GOP Years ago followed by Franklin Graham Himself whom recently announced the Death of the GOP and his Leaving them most recently!

The Tea Party Groups of which I am a Co-founder are also suffering from a considerable muddying of the waters as well!
There are Groups Here in Wisconsin That Call themselves "Tea Party Groups" but were in-fact either founded entirely by the Republican Elite or in some cases false flag operations where they are founded and run by the Unions.

Then there is the “Useful” idiot crowd that are too lazy to do their own research…..

I’m here to tell you that Right Now….The Green Bay Tea Party is one in only 14 remaining faithful out of 150 Groups calling themselves The Wisconsin Tea Party.
We (The GBTP) are the Real Deal along with about 14 other groups but as for the rest?

Well, WE judge them by their actions and results not by their rhetorical devices !

This is why We Support Republicans Like Wisconsin Assemblyman Andre' Jacque
and Democrats like Sheriff David Clarke in Milwaukee.

Matthew 7:15-20New King James Version (NKJV)
You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

We Know that YOU want to support true Patriots whom ARE Making a Difference!

Please TODAY log in and Donate to the Green Bay Tea Party! 

Remember, the People whom have the Greatest Commitment Tend to Win!  Make your Commitment Now!

Here is your Link to Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, and a Constitutionally Limited Government! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the man with the ability and the dedication needed to #unseatpaulryan. He has both the vision and resources needed to help us return this nation to Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets and a Constitutionally Limited Government! In Other Words. This Man Represents THE REAL TEA PARTY as well as REAL AMERICA!

Published on Apr 29, 2016

Paul Nehlen for Congress - Wisconsin is a land of engineering, design and manufacturing. Sadly, government under Paul Ryan's watch is getting in its way.

Supporting Materials

Laura Ingraham Hammers Paul Ryan On Islamic Migration (11/19/2015)

Jeff Sessions - TPP Another attempt to supersede Congress?

Speaker Ryan: Immigration caps are NOT on the agenda



Paul Nehlen
Click ^ to go to Paul Nehlens website


A Crash Course on a Constitutional Convention

Published on Feb 8, 2016

Heard about the call for an Article V convention, also known as a constitutional convention?



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