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Founding Member of the TEA Party Coalition
  • Rick Santelli Feb 19th, 2009 RantFeb 19, 2009 Rick Santelli captures the mood of the country which sparks the birth of the TEA Party!
  • March 7th 2009 March 7th 2009 …. Green Bay Wisconsin has it’s first TEA Party Rally Lead by Conservative Morning Talk Show Host Jerry Bader. The Rally took place at Title Town Brewing Company next to Leicht Park.
  • TPP (Tea Party Patriots) TPP (Tea Party Patriots) came to Green Bay Wisconsin to spend a day with the Green Bay TEA Party to film a single day in our life for their Nov. 2012 Election series.
  • NRA: FLICKR LINKTPP (Tea Party Patriots) came to Green Bay Wisconsin to spend a day with the Green Bay TEA Party to film a single day in our life for their Nov. 2012 Election series.
  • TPP (Tea Party Patriots) TPP (Tea Party Patriots) came to Green Bay Wisconsin to spend a day with the Green Bay TEA Party to film a single day in our life for their Nov. 2012 Election series. Ground Game 2012 Election Coverage:
  • Activist TrainingThe Green Bay TEA Party provides instructor resources and training materials to empower local patriots and conservative groups.
  • Alan KeyesGreen Bay TEA Party members were privileged to be able to support and speak with Alan Keyes during a local appearance.
  • VOICES of Conservative WomenThe Green Bay TEA Party supports VOICES of Conservative Women here in Wisconsin. VOICES supporters believe that, working together, we can make a difference with each conservative woman we help place in elected office.
  • Congressional InputThe Green Bay TEA Party is very actively involved regarding dialog between our Elected Congressman and the TEA Party. Members shown with Congressman Reid Ribble 8th Dist.
  • Media AccountabilityThe Green Bay TEA Party is instrumental in coordinating mutually supported protests and events in partnership with Wisconsins Media Research Center.
  • National Speaker Curtis Bowers speakers National Speaker Curtis Bowers of AGENDA ~ Grinding America Down ~ The Green Bay TEA Party is Partnered with Curtis Bowers with reliance upon our memberships patronage therebye allowing us to provide Agenda ~ Grinding America Down ~ DVD’s to those groups and individuals whom can put best use to this resource. Note: The DVD is Available upon request!
  • Our Current President Otto Junkermann w/candidate Eric HovdeThe Green Bay TEA Party always tries to back the best candidate for the job! Too Bad the Wisconsin Republican Party had other ideas. There’s a good Chance Eric would have beat Tammy Baldwin.
  • Green Bay TEA Party President Otto JunkermannGreen Bay TEA Party President Otto Junkermann at TP Express Event Otto Junkermann (born Feb 7, 1929) is an American businessman from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a former Republican member of the Wisconsin Assembly from the Sixth District (parts of Brown County).
  • Print Media AccountabilityThe Green Bay TEA Party is very serious about working with boots-in-the-ground conservatives that wish to make a difference in their community!
  • Ricksantorum  Pres. Candidate Rick SantorumPres. Candidate Rick Santorum with Senior TEA Party Advisor James Murphy I am very excited about the possibilities for what we can continue to accomplish together and I am not backing down from the fight for our conservative ideals. Rick Santorum
  • Rep. Andre’ Jacque and State Sen. Glenn GrothmanRep. andre’ Jacque and State Sen. Glenn Grothman Rep. Jacque and Sen. Grothman pose with the Green Bay TEA Party volunteers!
  • TEA Party Express EventsThe Green Bay TEA Party Co-Sponsor of TEA Party Express Event in DePere Wisconsin the Green Bay TEA Party continues to stay in contact and coordinate national support for good TEA Party Conservative Candidates for public office.
  • Tom DeWeese Event!The Green Bay TEA Party is partnered with several organizations that are sounding the alarm about the Social Justice crowds infiltration of Wisconsin Churches.
  • Major Speakers The Green Bay TEA Party continues to Co-Sponsor Major Speakers and Events in Northeastern Wisconsin. Please donate to our efforts to inform and educate new citizens.
  • We All Can Make A Difference!20. We all make Green Bay TEA Party Members receive National Recognition for their efforts. The Green Bay TEA Party membership has received National as well as local recognition for our efforts regarding Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, and to restore a Constitutionally Limited Government.
  • First to protest Media Bias The Green Bay TEA Party was the first to protest Media Bias and defend the Faith. The Green Bay TEA Party was instrumental in the forming of several Media Watch-Dog Groups.
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Rest in Peace Dick Koltz

With heavy hearts and great sadness we share the passing of Dick Koltz. 

Dick Koltz Obituary Photo

Details of his funeral arangements can be found here:>  Link

Please consider the following

Just as many of our clerical leaders have fallen victim to the secular pressures of our modern day society (there IS an organization that is currently addressing that problem, you should join today BTW).. so too have some of us in TEA Party leadership fallen short. 
It may not be intentional on the part of some while with a few others it does appear to be. In those cases it is not just secular pressure but what can only be referred to as Pro-Establishment-GOP Anti-TEA-Party Top-down Thinking
We must learn to be careful of this.

While the Republican Party recently has been attracting more TEA Party "type" Christian Conservatives it seems to be the exception more than the rule that they survive within the Party. Anyone remember Rick Santorum?

We hardly need to point out that many of our "TEA Party Candidates" continue to come under fire from the Establishment Republicans that have a vested interest in maintaining THEIR Establishment/Progressive Republican status quo! 
Witness the shameless behavior on the part of the GOP in their treatment of such Tea Party Conservatives as Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT).

Folks, We don't have a Democrat or a Republican Problem, We have a GOVERNMENT PROBLEM !

There is an entire book written about this that we highly recommend you either buy as we did or check with your local library.  That book is titled EXTORTION subtitled HOW POLITICIANS EXTRACT YOUR MONEY, BUY VOTES, AND LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS.  If you ever wondered why both parties appear to be the real problem this proves WHY! 
The Author is Peter Schwiezer

While working to restore Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets, and a Constitutionally Limited Government.
We must also work together to help save the Republican Party from itself! 

There ARE some whom would argue,
THAT HORSE has already left the barn and we honestly do wrestle with that thought almost daily.
The real question here is WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO ABOUT IT? 

What Are You Willing To Do About It

  • While no one can deny the effect the TEA Party has had Nationwide we need to look at our numbers and work to greatly improve upon them.  Currently there are 14 TEA Party type groups in Northeastern Wisconsin.  There are actually over 160 TEA Party type groups in Wisconsin with numbers exceeding 100,000.  More than the Teachers Union in fact.
    Some are larger than others and several are more active than others but the 80/20 rule appears to apply.  In Truth it's more like the 90/10 rule.  Lets say your group has about 300 to 400 people on your email newsletter list.  Some Groups have over 1500 but the average seems to be the lower number.  Now, at any given meeting there are anywhere from 40 to 60 members that show up for a monthly meeting.  Sometimes less.  Of those members that do show up, their ability or willingness to actually participate in funding the organization appears to be minimal.  There are a few outstanding members whom are always available and always step up to participate in providing the Lions Share.  That's how it is right now but that is not how it should be. 
    It will take much more than this to win this fight.

    True, we are an aging group of Patriots with limited mobility and to say that the under 30 crowd is under-represented is more than an understatement.  Still.. it is amazing to think about how much We have been able to do with what little we have!
      For example with no more than 5 volunteers present at any given time, in two weekends we were able to distribute over 9,000 voter information packets to Green Bay Wisconsin Households!  Just think what we could do with 20, 30 or 50 volunteers!

    I would go so far as to say it is a failing upon our part that we have not engaged the under 30 crowd, after all it is they whom will be paying the bulk of these outrageous bills our current "government" is racking up.  I for one am in this for my Grandchildren.

    The Green Bay TEA Party is willing to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 
    Are YOU With Us?

We are NOT Powerless

  • There is a LOT we all can do to rectify this situation!   It DOES take proper resources and the willingness to do so!

    Think about this;

    What if we all responded to the need before us - in the moment - with an everyday action?  In the front yard, at the market, on an airplane?  What if we all considered this our personal ministry?  We can and should..  All it takes is the willingness to do so.

    Our Greatest Weapon is our Faith!
    Our Greatest Resource is Prayer!
    First and foremost To God Be The Glory! 
    If we keep that reality paramount we can hardly go wrong.

    The Green Bay TEA Party and this website in particular is being retooled to provide YOU with additional weapons of warfare to engage our enemies great and small.  This is so much more than differing World Views.
    Make No mistake, We ARE talking about Spiritual Warfare here!
    THAT must be fully understood if we are to succeed.

    All of us MUST be prepared to engage the enemy at will.  That takes training, practice, proper understanding of scripture which leads us to a proper interpretation of the U.S. Constitution supported by proper funding. 
    We need your patronage Today!

    Are YOU willing to dedicate a few hours out of your week to attend and eventually help conduct training?
    Are YOU willing to dedicate a few hours a month to volunteer for needed organizational work on committees and groups?
    Are YOU willing to dedicate a few of your personal resources to the Green Bay TEA Party on a monthly basis? 
    Are YOU willing to dedicate a few minutes a week to call as well as email our elected representatives?

    If you can say YES to any or all of the above, We Need to speak with YOU TODAY!

         Please note that if any of you have physical limitations, may be home bound, or just plain want to help
         in this manner...there IS a place for you here at the Green Bay Wisconsin TEA Party! 
         Sign up to be a Web Warrior Today!
         email: WebWarrior@greenbayteaparty.org

Contact the Green Bay TEA Party Today

  • By Email: Join@greenbayteaparty.org
  • By Phone: 920-785-1219 
    Please limit your calls to working hours 9am to 5pm during the week.  Thank you for this consideration.